VIDA Agro- Nature’s Purest and Freshest

Over the years, VIDA has become synonymous with trust, quality and innovation


Meet the brains behind the idea that is VIDA

Entrepreneurs Vinod and Damodar who worked in the field of Process Engineering and Project Management for 20 years but had this urge to make a mark in the field of sustainable agro-industry. With a clear vision in head, they both left behind their lucrative corporate careers to venture into the food processing industry. The journey was not an easy one. With determination, they established a mark in the industry which stands today by name VIDA Agro (acronym for Vinod and Damodar). It also means ‘Life’ in Spanish.
VIDA stands by its principles of delivering quality products utilizing sustainable methods for processing/ manufacturing. Started in 2014, VIDA has honesty and work ethics at its core. In a very short span of time, VIDA has earned a reputation with the businesses and clients for their excellent quality products.
Ask them, what drives them and they will promptly reply- innovation and aspiration! Innovation, delivering out of the box solution and aspiration to be leader in the industry. This secret ingredient, added to their process make a unique recipe.
VIDA team understands business very precisely in the market hence the team is all ears when it comes to understanding client need. They treat each requirement as unique and are motivated to make that extra effort to meet client’s requirements. With a strong research-based approach they have made way for flexible and customizable approach based on client requirements.
VIDA’s state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is located in Wai, a scenic town at the foothills of Mahabaleshwar, a famous hill-station in Maharashtra, India. We wonder, is it the tranquil air of this valley or is it the soil that gives the sense of accomplishment to this manufacturing unit/ plant.
Over the years, VIDA has become synonymous with trust, quality and innovation.

Sustainability At Work :

The company has sustainability as a core value at heart. The water used for non-contact purposes is recycled water. Whereas the steam at the end of process is condensed and reused into the system thereby reducing the make-up water per cycle, resulting in considerable saving over a prolonged period Steam Condensate is recycled back at higher temperature, hence lesser fuel consumption. This has resulted in considerable reduction in overall environmental impact. Priority is given to locally bred products, without compromising the quality, thereby ensuring a guaranteed market to local farmers with good returns. Most of employees are hired from local villages and have been professionally trained. This has helped in a good employment generation in this area. All these measures have made this company a sustainable ecosystem and a good organization to work with.
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