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Lyophilization is another word for freeze-drying derived from Greek words “solvent-loving”. It is a process of removing moisture from a frozen product using vacuum.

The products are frozen at very low temperatures to allow freezing of the product Then moisture in the product is removed by process of sublimation using vacuum below triple point. On attaining such pressure, the ice/ moisture trapped inside the product gets converted into Vapour and drawn out of product. Thus leaving behind only the dry product devoid of moisture. Such products are rich in nutrients and quality compared to other drying methods.

At VIDA Agro, we closely monitor the entire process to ensure quality at every stage. Highest levels of hygiene are maintained at our plant ensuring contamination and bacteria free production.


All the products are packed in multilayer foil using Aluminium barrier pouches which has 100% barrier to the atmosphere to ensure quality products for longer period of time. Besides packing has inert Nitrogen gas flushing to avoid oxidation.

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Advantages of Freeze Drying:

More and more food products are shifting to freeze-dried for its benefits i.e. ability to preserve product’s biological and chemical structure and activity thus increase in shelf life Most importantly, this process retains the nutrition content, taste, flavor, color and shape of the product for absorbing the moisture through it during reconstitution.

The process improves shelf-life considerably and best part is, you don’t need to add any preservatives or additives to the products. The products are as good as farm fresh. Another benefit being that due to reduced moisture content and change in form, the weight reduces drastically which gives an added logistic advantage over the conventional products.


Freeze-drying is fast becoming preferred drying solution for many of the industries due to its unique ability to retain product quality. It has opened doors for further innovation in the hoteling and food-processing industries. Industries where the products are required round the year and in a large quantity find this solution handy.

The products being as good as freshly harvested fruits make it a unique choice in bakeries, confectioneries and processed foods like ice-creams and other such products like jellies, syrups, concentrates and other such products.

Herbs and medicinal plants are being adapted into freeze-dry technology for ease of access to medical faculty and the medical fields have warmly welcomed this. Regular application in pharmaceutical industry in drug formulation.
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